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SOLD! October 2017

I  recently sold a home in Charlevoix on Lake Michigan.  Happy Seller, Happy Buyer. Life is good.  Contact me to get your house on the market today--> I have a list of buyers waiting for properties... Let's give em what they want!  A note from the happy seller: “The technicalities of selling was made easier thanks to Karlee…. I always felt she was on my side, ready to run interference for me as needed.  I knew I could always turn to her with any questions/concerns and she would understand and give me the information I’d need.  Her kindness and reassurance was most helpful and she was very quick to return my calls.”   -S. Helner, Seller

How We Live...

Welcome Home!   I found you the perfect family getaway during those boring winter months! It's a modern style, tiny house complete with a working fireplace and a unique mushroom-style roof, unique to Charlevoix area. This is quite a gem and won't be on the market long! Ahem... Err... So My kids and I built an igloo. You know, we all need a hideaway sometimes. This is the coolest thing ever. It's warm inside... and to see us all jammed in there, it's great. Life is like this when you live in Northern Michigan. You have family time. Building ice houses. It's a thing. I swear. And I'm not really trying to sell you one. Come build your own...I'll take you ice skating at McSauba when you're done!