Frozen Family Memories

Northern Michigan Way of Life
A Northern Michigan family is not complete without a closet for snowpants. It's part of our DNA to enjoy winter and get outside in the temps that our neighbors might call something odd, such as "bitter."

Other Than Drink Hot Cocoa

We sled, ski, we play hockey, we throw snowballs and make huge snow creations, we hike, snowshoe, snowmobile, hunt and do all kinds of other fun stuff in the snow up here. Staying active beats that whole seasonal depression disorder drama... Getting as much of the sunshine out winters offer us is imperative to happiness! It's really possible here, it's so beautiful.

A Hidden Gem

I fully believe that Northern Michigan is a hidden gem for families. There is stuff to do, but it's not all commercial. It's natural. It's real. It's cherished and protected by the locals and there's a way of life up here that denounces a toxic lifestyle.

It's almost as if living in Northern Michigan as a family is like actually taking a deep breath and realizing that family matters and you enjoy their company. At least... I do. I love my kids. We have fun in the winter, and burn tons of calories lugging all that extra equipment around!

Northern Michigan Activities

Mount McSauba, Charlevoix, MichiganWe go to Mount McSauba often. It's a great recreation facility on the outskirts of town, right on Lake Michigan and has gorgeous ski-views and is very kid-friendly.  They offer world-class ski instructors, a fun little trick hill, and some great equipment rentals for those who are just trying it out or have guests who are visiting.  Our kids love the lessons they provide each year.
Growing up on a ski-hill gives you a lot of skills that other children don't get. You learn to deal with adrenaline, and how to protect yourself in an excited state of mind. You learn to enjoy fresh air and natural fun. You learn all kinds of coordination skills that don't come from normal sport activities. It's just a way of life... A good one.

Speaking of a good one, this cute little skating rink is also maintained by Mount McSauba and is a great family friendly activity from a storybook life our grandparents used to live in. Friends meeting around the cocoa shack, laughing and falling together every winter ... and now our kids are doing the same. It's really a neat experience.

Come visit Charlevoix the Beautiful, and let's talk about making it your home. It's a great family place to be...


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