Welcome, Bring a Hat

Welcome to my new blog. I have no idea what to do with a blog-- but it's cold outside so it sounded like the right thing to do.

I'm Karlee. A family home specialist- aka, Real Estate Agent in Northern Michigan. Specifically, Charlevoix & Petoskey. I love my family. I love my girls weekends. I love my town! But it's really cold here and I've started to question the sanity of myself and those who choose to live where the air hurts their face.

Before we get too far, too fast. This is a positive blog- you will find love, happiness, family, joy, beauty, nature and all that other warm gooeyness.

You will also find a mother who battles with herself about WHY SHE CHOSE TO LIVE WHERE THE AIR HURTS HER FACE!

Seriously... Sometimes life is great and you're be-bopping in the car, making a to-do list in your head as you drive. Warm and cozy and feeling like you've got life by the neck! But when you stop to get out to go into the store....WHAM! Life chips, also known as icey-snowy chips of death, blowing around at warp speeds, slap ya right in the face.
They almost make you want to go home and spike another cup of hot coffee... But daily life continues and it's funny to watch the locals up here brave the air in the winter months. It's an all out battle to get into the car sometimes. The wind just will not have it and keeps slamming the door shut in an ice-chip throwing fashion.  It's not in an angry way though, don't let me scare you from loving it here as well. The wind loves us. It's just that the wind has a mind of its own and you don't get in the way. It's a love/hate relationship ...

I digress, It really is a familiar heaven, here in Northern MI. I've lived in Florida as well, and while the sunshine and warmth is nice--For sure!

 There is something to be said about a quiet lakeside paradise. 

So that's day 1, why I choose to live here, in Charlevoix, Michigan. The air hurts my face but the environment warms my heart.

Stay warm!


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